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Illinois Farmland Value

Farmland is one of the most important assets for agricultural production. We understand that knowing its value is important for making financial decisions. At First Mid Ag Services, we are committed to assisting farm owners with these important financial decisions and offer this information as a resource to that end.


The factors that go into giving a farm its value are many and varied. Each farm is unique and has unique variables establishing its value. The only true means of ascertaining a farm's value, short of selling it, is through an appraisal.

Current Farm Listings

One way to evaluate farm values is to see what is currently listed on the market. You can find a comprehensive directory of farmland currently on the market on our Farm Listings Page.


About First Mid

Managing, buying or selling, or valuing farms to optimize benefits of farmland as an investment is a specialized and complex business. Owning land has been a basic privilege and a sound investment since America's founding. With the pride and heritage of farm ownership also come responsibilities and duties. The realities of today's global farm economy makes managing farms increasingly complex. First Mid Ag Services has for decades successfully helped owners of farmland manage this complexity providing clients with comfort, confidence, and optimum financial returns.

First Mid Ag Services manages, brokers, and values Midwest farmland and provides agricultural consultation services, primarily in Illinois and surrounding states. First Mid Ag Services has six regional offices located in Bloomington, Decatur, Kankakee, Mattoon, Peoria, and Springfield, Illinois.

First Mid Ag Services is a division of First Mid Wealth Management Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of First Mid Bancshares, Inc. (First Mid). First Mid, headquartered in Mattoon, Illinois offers a wide range of financial services through its wholly owned subsidiaries: First Mid Bank & Trust, First Mid Insurance Group and First Mid Wealth Management Company.

Company Profile

  • Manage more Illinois farmland than any other firm.
  • Among the top 10 largest managers of cropland in the U.S., with more than 290,000 acres and 1,000 farms under management.
  • All of our 24 farm managers and real estate brokerage specialists have practical experience in agriculture and related college degrees. Many have earned advanced degrees and professional designations, 15 have attained accredited status with the American Society Farm Managers, specific state certification credentials, or other professional designations.

Our size and long-time service represent many satisfied clients. In fact, we have served many of our individual clients and families for several generations. Educational, charitable, and religious institutions are also valued clients. Our clients goals both financially and for their farms are our primary objectives.


Value-Added Client Services

  • Funds for cash flow needs of managed farms are invested in competitively earning secured bank instruments or high quality money market funds.
  • Accounting, tax worksheet, and inventory records designed for the farmowner are on a state-of-the art proprietary information management system.
  • The safety, assurance, and benefits of affiliation with a government regulated community bank with a full line of trust and financial services First Mid.
  • Volume seed pricing through more than $4 million of corn and soybean seed annually means client savings and access to the best genetic traits available.
  • Portfolio farm insurance coverage is available for better risk coverage and competitive premium cost.
  • Farmland appraisal, agricultural asset valuation, and other advisory services.
  • Farmland brokerage (both sales and acquisition) service.
  • Other strategic alliances made possible by our extensive agricultural network throughout the Midwest.

With the scope of our business and variety of expertise of our staff, we are in a unique position to continually investigate additional services that may benefit our clients. The broad agricultural knowledge base and extensive contacts of our professional staff provide advantage and benefit for the select clients we serve.