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Financial Planning
We understand that farmland has unique financial planning considerations. Often the farmland financial structure is not well understood in financial markets because farmland has unique traits that must be understood in light of traditional financial investment considerations. For example, income and estate taxation have special rules and considerations that affect some areas of management, acquisition, liquidation, or generation passing of farmland assets. Our long affiliation with banks, trusts, and other asset investment management firms allows us to uniquely focus on the financial aspects of farmland as an investment. We help clients design and develop financial and estate plans and help secure credit or equity funding for farmland investments and operations. Our trust company structure allows us to offer the flexibility of many different ownership structures so clients achieve their farmland ownership goals.

First Mid Ag Services Business Philosophy

First Mid Ag Services staff have focused since the company’s beginning, on serving a broad range of production, financial, and conservation farm management needs for clients. First Mid has a strong and diverse base of clients from around the world – people that have, and desire to have, an interest in Midwest farmland agriculture. With an expert staff of employed and associated professionals, the firm has knowledge and experience in a broad range of specialized areas related to solving problems, serving needs, and providing comfort and confidence for landowners.

We know that farming, agriculture, and the world in general is operating at an accelerating level of speed and complexity. We believe that to keep pace and continue to be competitive that successful new technologies and processes must be adapted early. At the same time we believe that to jump too quickly from one fad to the next promise is not in the best interest of our clients. Knowledge of what is currently effective and on the horizon in the business of farming, and when to adopt technology and practices in light of our clients’ goals, is a leading characteristic of successful farm management. We have been effectively doing this for many clients, form around the world, for many years.

Client Goals
When we undertake a project, whether short term or a continuing service, we first attempt to determine as specifically as possible the goals of our clients. We understand that ownership interests in farmland can have many different priorities – long term “store of value”, current income, family heritage, capital appreciation, rural or country relationships or recreation, and environmental stewardship, among others. Our clients’ goals – both financially and for their farms – are our primary objectives.

Team Approach
Whether providing continuing farm management services or working on real estate brokerage, consultation, or appraisal projects – we work as a team. Our goal is to help focus the best resources on the critical problems or new opportunities present in each unique situation. The contacts and experiences developed in past farm management, land brokerage, and appraisal and project assignments have given each of First Mid Ag Services’ experts a wide variety of contacts and specialized knowledge of area farmland. Our team knows soils, drainage, and other production capabilities of the land, as well as maintains personal relationships with those critical to optimally managing, buying, selling, or valuing farmland in the area. Typically one staff professional is assigned to be the lead in each farm management account or project. However, any of the resources, expertise, and experience of the rest of the staff is available and frequently used to provide each client with the best the firm has to offer.